Explorer 7iG Inset Stove with All Glass Door


The Explorer 7iG is supplied as standard with the four-sided frame with optional three-sided frame to order for use when it is preferred to have the installation at hearth level, both have a discrete door handle to further enhance the clean design.

Class A, efficiency of over 75% when burning wood or smokeless fuel, you get more heat into the room and less up the chimney. The powerful airwash ensures the glass will stay clean when you adjust the heat from a lazy flame to a lively maximum burn.

The Explorer 7iG is the ideal size for a standard brick chimney, hole in the wall fire with a nominal heat output of up to 7kW to heat even a large room.


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Explorer 7iG Inset Stove with All Glass Door

The Explorer 7iG Inset Stove with All Glass Door is Ecodesign 2022 tested and approved, incorporating the latest stove manufacturing technology this large Class A+ appliance has a Nominal Heat Output of 7kW, with a Net Efficiency of 75.8%.

This model has the screen printed door glass to conceal the door frame and give a more modern and cleaner design aesthetic.

2022 EU Eco Design ready and approved stove
Designed for high efficiency, low particulate emissions
Multifuel as standard
Optional direct air connection to an external air supply for use with modern, airtight homes


Wood Fuel

Nominal Heat Output: 6.9 kW

Net Efficiency: 75.80%

Seasonal Efficiency: 66.80%

Mean Flue Gas Temp: 2920C

Flue Gas Mass Flow: 6.7 g/s

PM at 13% O2: 29 mg/m3

OGC at 13% O2: 56 mg/m3

CO at 13% O2: 0.06 vol%

NoX at 13% O2: 110 mg/m3


Smokeless Fuel

Nominal Heat Output: 6.8 kW

Net Efficiency: 78.50%

Seasonal Efficiency: 69.50%

Mean Flue Gas Temp: 2940C

Flue Gas Mass Flow: 5.7 g/s

PM at 13% O2: 25 mg/m3

OGC at 13% O2: 15 mg/m3

CO at 13% O2: 0.10 vol%

NoX at 13% O2: 146 mg/m3

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